Amo Bakery's Story

In July, 1994, a simple decorated store opened in the robust neighborhood of
Bangka.  That was the starting point of Amo Bakery.

In 2011, in search of providing better cake quality and better service
environment to our customer, Amo Bakery relocated the headquarter and factory
to Tucheng District of New Taipei City.  In the same time, we also take our first
step in the cafe business and opened Amo Cafe to provide our customer a duet
of coffee and cake delicacy.

"Amo" in Latin means "To love" and "Favorite."   We firmly believe that working hard
and diligently in making quality product will satisfy customer's appetite and touch
their heart to fall in love with our products.

The six flower pedals on the logo represents 「Fresh、Healthy、Delicious;
Dignitary、Joy、Share」.  We don't have grandiose product selection so we
can focus on quality.  We spend at least a year on research and development
for each product with emphasis on fresh, healthy, and delicious principle.
We simply hope that when you taste our cake, you will experience a sense of
dignitary and joy and the desire to share this feeling with everyone.

In the beginning, Amo Bakery pioneer in home delivery service to let our
delicacy reaches every corner of the nation.   Slowly, through the word of
mouth, we develop a good brand image.   And in response to our strong
customer demands for our products, we opened stores in Taipei, Taichung,
and Hsinchu area in succession.   We hope to touch and move more people's
heart with our quality products and excellent and convenient services.

Amo Bakery hopes to bring you the simplest taste sensations.
「Simplicity is the soul to achieve the best」 is our corporate philosophy.
Maybe our products don't have amazing decorations but they show our
diligent spirit.   Your satisfying smile when tasting our products is
Amo Bakery's best motivation to improve ourselves.

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