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原味+開心果達克-官網用_1.jpgAmo 320x320.jpg
原味+開心果達克-官網用_1.jpgAmo 320x320.jpg

Bramo Dacquoise - Original ‧ Pistachio

The popular Dacquoise has a new flavor The Glossy Green Filling is made with Premium 100% Pistachio paste from Sicily, Italy.
The aroma of pistachios is rich and intense with the crisp exterior
Definitely will be a surprising experience

Measurement: 24.3*6.0*5.5cm

Ovolacto-Vegetarian Friendly


Best to taste while chilled. Black tea are great choices for the cake.

Needs to be refrigerated in 1.5 hour in room temperature above 25C or refrigerated in 12 hours in room temperature below 25C.  

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